RealMenOfGenius Citizen Application

Before submitting an application, there's some helpful tips and guidelines that you need to be aware exist whilst processing your citizen application. 

General Guidelines

  • Must Meet the Minimum Age Of 16.
  • Must have Birthday displayed on Forum Profile.
  • Use the correct format in its entirety (White text color)
  • Be creative with your application, make a unique backstory for a character you want to play. This is a Hardcore RP Community If you don't know what that means you should probably go elsewhere.
  • Copying your application from another community is not allowed, This is to test creativity.
  • Meet word count.
  • Understand our cooldowns
    • 1st fail = 1-hour cooldown
    • 2nd fail= 24-hour cooldown
    • 3rd fail = 7-day cooldown
    • 4th fail = Perma denied
  • Have a Valid Role-Play name that matches your Forum name
  • Unique Backstories only, Your app will be denied if your backstory is deemed "Uncreative" by staff
  • If you are placed on a cooldown do NOT pester any staff member regarding your application/interview/cooldown, you will be banned from applying again
  • Be sure to read the Rules!
  • Understand the Point System
  • Make sure you have your Date Of Birth visible on your Profile.

Application Procedure

  • Step 1. Read and understand server rules and application documents
  • Step 2. Fill out the application, Take your time this application will be your first introduction to the community.
  • Step 3. Wait, If you application is accepted then you can come into TeamSpeak to conduct your interview. However, if you application is denied, wait till your cooldown period is up and try again (maybe a bit more effort this time)
  • step 4. If you have been accepted you can play on the server as a white-listed member.
  • Note, After you have been approved for the interview you have Two-Weeks to conduct your interview.

Punishment Procedures

  • If your app is placed "On Hold" You have 48 hours to make the required changes.
  • A non-suitable (unrealistic) roleplay name will result in an "On Hold" status until you pick a realistic roleplay name.
  • A display name on the forums that does not match the roleplay name will result in a "Denied" App
  • Failure to meet word count will result in a "Denied" App
  • Failure to show effort in your application will result in a Two-week cooldown
  • Copying applications from other communities will result in a denied app with a 30-day cooldown, Copying from other members will result in a permanent denial.
  • Lying (especially about bans/age) will most likely get you permanently removed from the community, so be honest!
  • Pestering staff about your application/interview will result in a perma cooldown (staff discretion)

We are Excited to have you as part of our community, Before submitting your app make sure you understand the Server Rules And Laws.
Good luck to you on your adventure! we hope to see you soon!

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